Weekly Kids’ Club Ministers to Local Children

Did you know that God’s Ministry in La Gonave hosts a Kids’ Club for the children in the village of Belle Vie? This weekly meeting is a highlight for kids in an area that has few opportunities for organized children’s activities outside of school and church.

Our missionaries, Pastor Ybene and Laura, host as many as 100 children each Sunday at their home. The club meets under the beautiful mango tree on their property, where there’s plenty of shade from the hot Haitian sun.

A Typical Kids’ Club Meeting

Each meeting starts with prayer. Then Pastor Ybene checks in with the children to see how they are doing before leading them in songs of praise. There is also brief Bible lesson, as well as a Q&A from the previous week’s lesson.

Then the children have time to share their talents with each other by reciting a memory verse or poem, singing a song, performing a dance or telling a joke or funny story. There is always a lot of encouragement and laughter during this time.

At the end of Kids’ Club, Pastor Ybene leads another round of singing, and then closes the club in prayer. As funds and supplies allow, Laura and Ybene may share small treats or trinkets with the kids.

Subhead: Why Do We Have Kids’ Club?

Kids’ Club is an important part of our ministry to children. Not only do we get to know and minister to each child as they attend, but we also have a chance to check in on their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. We can identify children who are malnourished or who need extra medical attention, as well as those who may need a new pair of shoes or some clothing. As funds allow, we can help provide for these needs.

We know that many kids start coming to Kids’ Club because there’s literally nothing else to do in the village, or because their parents see it as a way to have a break from their kids for a few hours. But by forming relationships, building trust and sharing the gospel message with the children week in and week out, we hope they will come to have a lasting relationship with Jesus. And we pray they will, in turn, share the same message of hope with their parents, family members and friends.

By supporting God’s Ministry in La Gonave, you can help enrich activities like Kids’ Club and pave the way for our missionaries to expand their reach through local mission trips, prison and hospital ministries, home visits for shut-ins, care for those with disabilities and many other healthcare, educational and ministerial opportunities.

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