Childrens Choir Singing at Sunday Service
Childrens Choir Singing at Sunday Service

Please pray for the people in Belle-Vie and for our Board of Directors and Missionaries. Please pray for the civil unrest in Port au Prince.

The nation of Haiti is learning how to cope with and prevent the spread of cholera. If they have the means of clean water cholera can and will be prevented. Fortunately, there have been no outbreaks of cholera in our village but please pray for the cholera victims throughout Haiti.

Please pray that we can provide clean drinking water to our small village.  Water is very difficult to come by especially in the dry season. There is a small spring but it is a long difficult walk and it is only a small trickle coming out of the ground in a ravine.   As a result of the recent Run For the Island fundraiser, we’re nearing completion of a cistern to capture water from the roof of the new school.

Please pray for our missionaries Wilto living with his family in Florida and, Laura, in Haiti now and her husband, Ybene, who is the pastor of the church there.

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