The gifts in our “Giving Catalog” were chosen to have the greatest impact on children and  the families we serve.   Know that each gift you choose will bring hope for the future to our brothers and sisters living in poverty!


Monthly Teacher’s Salaries – $1,300 – Share the Gift $100

Job opportunities and meaningful careers are hard to come by in Haiti. Your gift provides this powerful tool. By providing a month salary for the entire staff of teachers at the Ebenezer School: –you can ensure that each child is tended to academically, spiritually and socially –teachers are provided quality employment to support their families.



Live Goat – Suggested Gift of $50

A gift of a live goat is like money in the bank for a family! By providing a live goat: – families can raise additional goats and sell for income – you can help families become self-sufficient, leading to increased opportunities and better health



Textbooks and School Supplies – Suggested gift $1,600 – Share the Gift $100

Textbooks and school supplies total approximately $1,600 for the entire Ebenezer school and all of the school children. Most children in poverty have no access to books or libraries. Your gift gives access to these learning supplies. A year’s worth supply of textbooks, workbooks and school supplies for the students of the Ebenezer School ensures quality education leading to job opportunities.



Child’s Tuition for a Year – Suggested Gift of $150

When you provide a years’ worth of school tuition for a child you help them to grow academically, socially and spiritually Your gift of tuition ensures: – a quality education at the preschool level through 6th grade in the Ebenezer School – a hot meal provided each school day




Emergency Medical Care – Suggested Giving $50

When accidents and illnesses occur, there is often little or no means to receive necessary care and treatment. Your gift to this emergency fund: --provides the financial support for medical care including rides to and from treatment --enables families to lead full and active lives



Missionary Support – $ Any Amount!

Our missionaries are the backbone of the ministry. They carry on relentlessly with often little funding to provide for themselves. Your gift to our missionaries helps provide for their basic needs as they carry out their mission in the village of Belle-Vie and allows them communication and visits with family through airfare to the United States.



School Hot Meal Supplementation – Suggested Gift $1,000 – Share the Gift $100

Your gift provides transportation of the Feed My Starving Children food packs to the island of La Gonave from the main land for an entire school year. By providing this supplementation to the school’s feeding program each child receives a nutritious meal each school day and families are relieved of the difficulties in providing food for their children.



Where Most Needed – Suggested Gift $100

Your gift will be applied to the most urgent needs, filling the gap in unexpected and sometimes critical situations Needs to address may include: - disaster relief - upkeep to school and church buildings and programs



Above all, your prayers provide for those living in poverty and desperate situations.

Other Ways to Give

There are additional ways to provide financially:
  • will give 0.5% of your purchase price to the charitable organization of your choice.  Visit website to get started
  • Corporate Matching Gifts — Did you know that many companies will match your donations?  Find out if you work for a participating company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “Share the Gift” mean?

Some giving options are at a higher cost.  “Share the Gift” allows you to combine your donation with others to fund the need.  Any donation amount will be processed toward any gift category.

Can I sponsor a child?

No, gifts will not go directly to a sponsored child.  Our missionaries and staff work to identify children and families with the highest need.  We then strive to serve the community as a whole.

How are dollar amounts selected for gifts?

Most suggested amounts are actual current costs.  Others such as “Share the Gift” are merely suggestions.  We greatly appreciate any amount given.

Where do my donations go?

The gift categories shown here are the services provided by God’ Ministry in LaGonave.  All designated gifts will be applied to the services selected.   However, when we receive more funds for a given gift than can be used, we will apply those funds to the next most urgent need.  Gifts should be given with the understanding that God’s Ministry in LaGonave has control over their use.