Jameson’s Story

Burns are a common injury in Haiti. Most villagers only have a battery or a small solar panel for electricity, which is just enough to charge a phone or power a small light. All cooking is done over an open fire, and many common tasks require the use of fire.

One day, Jameson came to see Laura for severe burns on his face. A few days before, this young man had been heating some tools over a fire in order to fix a tire. A can of gasoline was too close to the fire, and it exploded, splashing burning gas on his face.

Laura doesn’t know why Jameson didn’t come to us right away for help. Perhaps he and his family were trying to treat his injuries themselves and finally realized that they needed help. But as you can see in the first photo, his burns were severe.

Thanks to a donation of medical supplies from one of our supporters, who is a doctor, Laura had Silvadene cream, which is an excellent medication for burns. She cleaned Jameson’s burns and applied the cream, and she gave him cream to take home so he could reapply it daily.

When Jameson returned to Laura seven days later, his skin looked so much better! You can see how well the lower part of his face had healed in just a week, and you can see how the large burn on his forehead was healing with the use of the cream.

Today, it’s hard to even tell that Jameson was ever burned.

We praise the Lord for several things:

  • The gas didn’t get into Jameson’s eyes and blind him during the explosion.
  • Jameson’s burns didn’t get infected before he came to see us for treatment.
  • We had just the right medicine (and enough of it!) to treat Jameson and fully heal his burns.
  • The burns on his eyelids healed smoothly, allowing Jameson full use of his eyes.
  • Jameson did not have any major scars on his face.

We are only able to tell stories like Jameson’s because of monetary and medical donations from our supporters. Thank you for being a part of our medical ministry!

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