Goat Giveaway! Hurricane Recovery Continues

From Laura’s facebook page:


I only have these three photos to share with you from yesterday’s goat give away. Many came once night had fallen. My husband said that he didn’t have to tell anyone to smile in these pictures. He said that one woman raised her hands to the Lord and prayed thanks to God for replacing the goat she lost in the hurricane!! This brings tears to my eyes while typing it!! Just look at what your donations are doing! Every penny helping these that lost so much. They know they haven’t been forgotten. They have hope for their future that God promised them.

The give away went off without one single problem!! I will post next week when we buy more!! Also, at least half of the goats he purchased were already pregnant!! Some people will have more goats in as little as two months!!

Author: bobolwig

V.P. Corporate Business Development & Strategy for World Wide Technology.

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