Food Bags & Seed for Belle Vie & Surrounding Villages

An update from Laura on her Facebook page.  This is fantastic!

bags-of-food-in-lagonaveHello everyone. Sorry it has taken so long for an update. The Internet hasn’t been working. We have been busier than ever! We made up 350 food bags and 225 seed bags for planting. We gave them out yesterday. The need is a bit overwhelming. We had more people show up than I could have imagined. More than even after the earthquake. But thanks to your donations 325 family’s are eating well right now. Multiply that number by 6 for an average family size and you will have the number of people fed! We can’t thank you enough.

food-distribution-in-haitiI would like to make an amendment to my previous post of serving 325 families here. Your donations also fed people in three other villages!! We gave money to other missionaries to help them purchase more food in their communities! It really is amazing when you step back and see all of your obedience to the Lord pay off. This is a time of blessing when you actually get to see the fruit of your obedience in giving. Also, Feed My Starving Children has sent so much food to Haiti!! That is what most of the food to the south has been where the hurricane hit hardest. They are such an amazing ministry!

Author: bobolwig

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