Your Donations at Work! Thanks!

An update from Laura’s facebook page:

haititractor “Well, it has been a long but wonderful day! Thank you so much Beth Beth and Robin for transporting and storing our supplies, helping us buy over one ton of food, feeding us and putting us up for the night! Thank you Kulfan family for the Morning hook up! Thank you Allison for coming to see us!! There are some amazing missionaries here on LaGonave. The pics below are how our stuff was loaded up and brought in. This same tractor is going to help us get our supplies up the mountain tomorrow. Once up in the village I may not be able to get on Facebook for a while. But I will have someone post on my behalf to my page. Please pray we have no problems getting to the village tomorrow. God bless you all for your support!



Here’s a post from Colleen Marble–she’s been busy with Laura buying supplies in Port Au Prince and will be transporting them to La Gonave.hursupplies2

“Your dollars at work! We bought 250 tarps to provide temporary shelter in the village. We also bought tools that can help the villagers repair the road, which will be necessary to get bigger construction supplies to the village later on. The ministry will purchase food, seeds, saplings and more supplies on the island to support the local economy. Thanks for your prayers and ongoing support. Hurricane relief will take a very long time when all construction has to be done without the help of heavy equipment and electricity. We will keep you updated on how your money is being used to help the people of La Gonave, which has long been nicknamed The Forgotten Island.”hursupplies


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