Assessing the Damage & Rebuilding Roads

Today’s Update from Laura:

homesdestroyedThe Internet is starting to work again.  Ybene has started sending me pictures that he has taken. The pictures are slow coming but even on a good day it is slow. People have already been burying the dead animals. Some of these pictures are from the men working on the roads, and the rest are from the three villages I have been talking about. 😢

Laura posted this to Facebook yesterday

road-reconstructionGood morning. Ybene was working hard yesterday with a group of at least 50 people trying to work on the worst areas of the roads to our village. When they were finished, he went straight to the school to get some food to some very hungry people. Thank God we had the feeding program [Feed My Starving Children] food for the school to help our people in these villages. And thank God we had the school and church to protect them from the hurricane. It is time to help them start over. Thank you all for the donations coming in. You all are the way these people will get help. I can’t thank you enough.

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