Hurricane Matthew Hits The Village of Belle Vie & GML – Updated 10-7

lagonaveislandOct-7th 9:08am – Update from Laura’s Facebook page:

“My husband was doing some work at our house this morning and is now gearing up to walk the village again. It was too emotional yesterday for him to take counts. He was comforting and praying with people. Today he will send out a team of people to try and get a count of homes destroyed. Please, our poor village needs your help. Thank you all who have been sharing my posts and helping us to get funds.”


Oct-5th – Update from Laura’s Facebook page:

I have just heard from my husband. There was much sadness in his voice. So far no reported deaths but there are very few houses left standing. The ones not completely destroyed are damaged. Many people’s goats died as well. These goats were there livelihood. Fruit has been stripped from trees and gardens destroyed. This disaster is worse for our village (and neighboring villages) than the earthquake was. We are going to do everything we can to help them get back on their feet. It is time to show the Love of Christ through our actions. Please help us help them. We will be buying everything local to support local businesses that NEED it. My heart is so very heavy. I have lived in this village for 6 years now and my heart just hurts.


Laura has been in the US for the past month or so and she heard from her husband, Berno, who is on the island that he and their children are safe! She said that it’s a miracle their roof is still on their house. They’re not sure, yet, if anyone in the village of Belle Vie was hurt but many homes have been destroyed. Laura said that many of the villagers ran to our school and the new church for protection.

So the school and the church have stood strong!  It sounds like the worse is over for them right now.

People are being sheltered and fed in the school and church and we are taking donations for food, basic needs, and rebuilding.  (See story on USA Today for more info on the effects of Hurricane Matthew on Haiti.)

You can click on the Donate button ==> to donate on-line or you can send Checks to

God’s Ministry in La Gonave

111 S. Spoede Road

Creve Coeur, MO 63141

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