The Chikungunya Virus has Reached Belle-Vie

Mosquito-borne Chikungunya Virus Continues to Spread

Update from Bob & Sharon:  Laura gave us an update that the virus continues to spread in the village with several of the children and Laura catching it.  Our very good friend to the Ministry, Pastor Donny, was also affected and is recovering.

Haiti has a new mosquito-borne virus going around. The chikungunya virus is spreading rapidly. Thankfully, it is not fatal, but symptoms include fever and terrible joint pain. Laura texted me yesterday and told me that Ybene caught the virus. He’s over the fever, but is now dealing with the body aches. Please be in prayer for Ybene for quick recovery and for Haiti in general where many people are dealing with this virus.

Helping with Domestic Violence

Laura also had to deal with a domestic abuse case yesterday. A husband beat his wife up so badly that she couldn’t even get on a motorcycle to go to the hospital because she found out he was cheating. The poor woman has a swollen face and her body hurts so badly she can’t sit or get up by herself. Please pray for this woman who is in a great deal of physical and emotional pain right now. Pray for God’s healing in her life and pray for Laura as she helps this lady.

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