Pastoral Visits

Pastor Ybene and some of the other church members went to visit, pray with, and check on some church members they hadn’t seen recently. One of the people they went to check on was an elderly woman named Gran Dede. When they went to visit, they found Gran Dede was sick and had no clean clothes, no food to eat, and no water. Ybene and Laura cooked up some food to send her. They also sent three gallons of water and soap so that she could wash her clothes. While Gran Dede’s children have mostly abandoned her, the church has found a family member of hers to stay with her. The church will continue to check up on Gran Dede as she recovers from her illness.

Praise God that the church in Belle Vie is making a difference. Please pray for Gran Dede’s speedy recovery. Pray for future pastoral visits and for God’s provision for his people in La Gonave.

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