It’s official! Our Mission Trip Leaves March 13th!

It’s official! There’s a team of us leaving on our mission trip to Haiti in less than 6 weeks!


We are truly blessed that Gateway Christian Church  has sponsored the trip (March 13-24th) and is sending 10 of their church members to lead the construction of the Church. Jake and I are also going and hope to contribute as best we can. (I have to admit, I’m much better with a hammer and 2x4s than concrete blocks!)

Everyone, especially our friends at World Wide Technology, has been unbelievably generous to Laura and her mission. We still plan to have our annual “Run for the Island” (mark your calendar for Sunday September 21st ), however if you’re planning on supporting us again in this year’s run, please consider donating “early” to help with the costs associated with building the Church.

We have a long way to go in raising funds for this project that, quite frankly, came upon us pretty quick. But we wanted to take advantage of our experienced “crew” from Gateway Christian and the timing to get the Church constructed before the rainy season in Haiti.

We’re estimating the cost to build the Church is approximately $40,000. That’s a lot of money to raise in 6 weeks or so but we’ve already had some fantastic support from Gateway Christian and another major donor. Anything you can contribute helps!

There’s more needed in terms of raising funds for other projects including fixing Laura and Wilto’s roofs and constructing a guest building for visiting missionaries. We also have the Container Project going on and we’re making good progress on Laura’s wish list. But for the limited funds we have and the amount of time for our trip, our number one goal is constructing the Church.

The major Church construction budget items include:

  • clearing and leveling the land;
  • building the foundation;
  • sand and cement for the blocks;
  • fabricating the concrete blocks on site (this is where lots of water is needed! See below.)
  • steel construction materials for the roof;
  • doors, windows, stucco and exterior finish; and 
  • benches and interior finish work.

In the near term, we need everyone’s thoughts and prayers for rain on the Island. It’s been very dry and water is not only needed for everyday needs, but we need quite a bit for making the cement blocks that will be used to construct the Church.

Wilto has been doing a fantastic job (and a lot of hard work) hauling water in 55 gallon drums from a local town. But it’s expensive buying water, paying for fuel and trucking it to the church site.

Wilto has also been closely supervising the construction of the cistern which is nearly complete. It’s much larger and the costs are higher than we originally estimated but its larger size will also help considerably in supplying the village much needed clean water. This winter’s drought in La Gonave is a very real reminder of how precious water really is.

Jake and I look forward to seeing Laura, Beno, Wilto, the villagers of Belle Vie and especially all of the wonderful children attending the school GML’s supporters made possible!!

Once again, I want to thank Laura’s dear friends, Michael & Mary Schiff, and Pastor Karl Schad of Gateway Christian Church ( for their generous support of this trip and GML. Without them this would not be possible.

I’ll be posting more details on the website as we near the trip. Thanks to everyone, again, who have contributed large and small; by sponsoring a child; or with your thoughts and prayers—it’s all appreciated!

Author: bobolwig

V.P. Corporate Business Development & Strategy for World Wide Technology.

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