New Years Greetings From Bob & Sharon

Friends of God’s Ministry in La Gonave, Haiti:

A new year’s note to say “thank you” for all of your support of God’s Ministry in La Gonave. (GML website)  It’s been two years ago this holiday week since I made the trip to Haiti to visit Laura.


Bob and some children taking a break from the soccer match.
Bob and some children taking a break from the soccer match.

I very much appreciate everyone’s interest and the financial support you have given our niece, Laura, and her mission on the remote island of La Gonave.  I particularly want to call out World Wide Technology, Dave Steward, Jim Kavanaugh and John Evans for their very generous support.  THANK YOU!

Because of all of your donations, including this year’s “Run for the Island” that my wife Sharon so wonderfully planned and managed, the school (that was built with the funds from 2012 and now with over 200 students) will soon have a supply of clean drinking water! You can view the progress of the reservoir on the GML website here .  We also raised enough funds to start buying building materials for the church.

In addition, Craig Huff, Jessica Archer Olwig and a team from WWT’s Edwardsville facility are making plans to have an ocean container loaded with supplies shipped to Haiti this spring.  Laura has put together her donation “wish list” for the “Container Project” of needed items on GML website and there’s a Facebook event here: managed by Laura’s sister, Tiffany.

I’m also excited to say that plans are underway for a mission trip to Haiti at the end of March, 2014 and that includes another “wish list” of projects to get done while we’re down there:

  • Construction of a new church;
  • Replace a leaky roof on Laura’s house;
  • Construction of an annex for the school for more classrooms;
  • Repairs to Wilto’s leaky roof, and
  • Construction of a small guest building for visiting missionaries.

The trip is not 100% planned and we’re not sure how much we will be able to get done in the 7 days we are there—It will all depend on how much money we raise and how many volunteers go on the trip.  We have a core group of missionaries who have done similar construction projects in Central America and here in the U.S. who are committed to going.    I want to thank Laura’s dear friends, Michael & Mary Schiff, and Gateway Christian Church ( for their support of this trip.  Without them this would not be possible.  

If you’re interested in donating or going on the trip, let me know.  I’ll be posting more details one the website in the near future.

Thanks to everyone, again, who has contributed large and small; by sponsoring a child; or with your thoughts and prayers—it’s all appreciated!

Sharon and I want to wish all of you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

All the best,


Author: bobolwig

V.P. Corporate Business Development & Strategy for World Wide Technology.

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