Wish List of Items for the Container Project

Here is a list of items that we are hoping to have contributed to the Container Project.

Item Comments
School furniture The school and the soon to be built, Annex, is in need of furniture.
    -tables (can be folding)
    -childrens furniture for the pre K and kindergarten
    -teacher desks (7)
Four Wheel Utility Vehicle: good shocks, lifted The roads, if you call them that, are very poor and it’s really not safe for Laura to be riding on motorcycles especially with her bad knee.  Here’s a short video I took while driving with Wilto to Bel Vie:
Motorcycle designed for off road riding. Must have heavy duty shocks; covered muffler;
Motorcycle Helmut, safety gear
Tin Roofing and other Building Materials. We will have more details on this based on the Mission Trip to Construct, among other things, the Church.
Power tools ex: circular saw, drills, sanders, drill bits and screw drivers and bits, and whatever else
Extension ladders (2) painters ladders (2)
Solar panel system There are no electrical utilities on the island.  Much of the power for nighttime lighting comes from using solar panels that charge 12 volt car batteries during the day.
Large generator (diesel if possible) to run power tools and a welder More reliable, more powerful and longer lasting sources of electricity are diesel and gas powered generators.
Medium generator for school and church functions (can be gas)
Shelving units for storage
Cots Used for Missionaries and visitors
Camping chairs
Folding chairs
Type II life jackets (16) Most Haitians do not know how to swim!
Cast iron and/or Stainless Steel cookware
Camelbacks (4) Water Hydration back pack.
Headlamps (LED) with batteries
Any donated clothing/school supplies/hygiene supplies
 Medical supplies ex:  non stick gauze bandages, over the counter meds, first aid supplies
Musical instrument s
    -Electric guitars with amps
    -electric bass with amp
   -3 microphones with mic stand
   -key boards (2)
   -hand drums

Author: bobolwig

V.P. Corporate Business Development & Strategy for World Wide Technology.

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